838030 - Leica Viva GS10

GNSS RTK Receiver

The Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver has communication apps which make it ideal to use as a reference station or back pack rover. It is provided with advanced technologies such as Leica SmartTrack (ensures continuous compatibility with constantly evolving GNSS systems), SmartCheck (RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results) and xRTK (delivers more positions in difficult environments). Available in « Unlimited » version to update your antenna with future technological progress.


  • GNSS Technology : RTK+, SmartCheck, xRTK, Smartlink, Smartlink fill
  • Channels : 120
  • Phone modem : Compatible with all external phone modems
  • Radio modem : Compatible with all external radio modem
  • Internal memory/support : SD card
  • Protection class : IP68
  • Operating temperature range : -40°C @ +65°C
  • Battery type : Li-Ion Battery
  • Warranty : 1 year


Unavailable for online purchase. Contact us!

Available options

  • 843510 LOP53, Multi-frequency option, enables L2, L5 and L-band tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 843513 LOP54, GLONASS option, enables GLONASS tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 843514 LOP55, Galileo option, enables Galileo tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 843515 LOP56, BeiDou option, enables BeiDou tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 5303425 1 yr SmartNet network subscription (Other lengths of subscriptions available)
  • 5307068 1 yr SmartLink fill Service subscription, bridge RTK data outages up to 10 min. (2 years subscription available)
  • 5307067 1 yr SmartLink Service subscription, with autonomous precise point positioning. (2 years subscription available)