838035 - Leica Viva GS16

Self-learning GNSS Smart Antenna

The Leica Viva GS16 self-learning smart antenna is designed to adapt and be ready for the growing number of signals from an ever increasing satellite constellation. It is the most efficient in difficult environments (woods, forests, urban zones, etc.).

It is provided with long-range UHF radio and the latest technologies (RTK+, Smartlink and Smartlink fill) to adapt to more complex and diversified satellite conditions. You can count on other advanced technologies such as Leica SmartTrack (ensures continuous compatibility with constantly evolving GNSS systems), SmartCheck (RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results) and xRTK (delivers more positions in difficult environments).


  • GNSS Technology : RTK+, SmartCheck, xRTK, Smartlink, Smartlink fill
  • Channels : 555
  • Phone modem : 3.75G
  • Radio modem : Transceiver (RX/TX long range)
  • Internal memory/support : MicroSD
  • Protection class : IP68
  • Operating temperature range : -40°C @ +65°C
  • Battery type : Li-Ion Battery
  • Warranty : 1 year


Unavailable for online purchase. Contact us!

Available options

  • 843510 LOP53, Multi-frequency option, enables L2, L5 and L-band tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 843513 LOP54, GLONASS option, enables GLONASS tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 843514 LOP55, Galileo option, enables Galileo tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 843515 LOP56, BeiDou option, enables BeiDou tracking on a GS10 or GS16
  • 5303425 1 yr SmartNet network subscription (Other lengths of subscriptions available)
  • 5307068 1 yr SmartLink fill Service subscription, bridge RTK data outages up to 10 min. (2 years subscription available)
  • 5307067 1 yr SmartLink Service subscription, with autonomous precise point positioning. (2 years subscription available)