Leica Builder 500

Manual total station 3"/5"/9" with full memory, USB and Bluetooth®

Ideal for quick and easy setup, the Leica Builder 500 series combine all the avantages of other Builders 100-500 series, with the additional Bluetooth® technology. They are the most complete manual total stations with the sturdiness, accuracy and reliability you need to produce quality work on every construction site. Included in a set with a rugged carrying case, a glass prism, a mini prism pole, a USB flashdrive, a data cable, a Li-Ion battery and its charger.

*Please refer to the Leica Builder series comparative chart to determine which one suits you best (available for download).


  • Angle measurement accuracy : 3"/5"/9"
  • Distance without reflector : 250m
  • Distance with reflector : 3500m (with glass prism)
  • Internal memory : 50,000 points
  • Keyboard : Alphanumeric
  • USB : A and mini B
  • Protection class : IP55
  • Operating temperature range : -30°C @ +50°C
  • Battery type : Li-Ion Battery
  • Warranty : 1 year


Unavailable for online purchase. Contact us!

Available options

  • 772737 Leica Builder 503, manual total station 3" with complete memory, USB port & Bluetooth®
  • 772736 Leica Builder 505, manual total station 5" with complete memory, USB port & Bluetooth®
  • 772735 Leica Builder 509, manual total station 9" with complete memory, USB port & Bluetooth®