SharpGrade Leveller

Retractable wheel leveller

The Sharp Grade Leveller is a precise and accurate grading machine that can be installed on a loader. It is used for a wide range of applications and uses for finish grade work in a small or medium size construction site, operating at a lower cost and is much faster than a loader or grader. The SharpGrade Leveller’s retractable wheels not only facilitate and shorten transport, but they also allow levelling near walls, sidewalks and any confined areas unreachable to a grader.

The patented QuadRod system consists of four-link bars strategically placed on the machine for increased rigidity of the system. The two hydraulic cylinders, combined with the front wheel support, allow using the SharpGrade according to the principle of a grader which guarantees maximum precision. All system seals are sealed, lubricated, and require no maintenance. The two mirrors located at the front give better visibility of the entire blade to the operator.

The SharpGrade works both forward and backward. In addition, its return blade (second blade) allows an optimal finish of the levelled surface. In order to guarantee a higher degree of levelling accuracy, it is recommended to use the SharpGrade in combination with a 2D automatic guidance system, laser sensors, or with a 3D system such as a GNSS or robotic system.

*Video credit: Progressive group

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Available options

  • Heavy Duty series 2.2m & 2.5m, twin wheels retracting, twin pivoting, HP 75-120
  • Medium series 2m, single wheel retracting, fixed front, pivot rear, HP 60-75
  • Compact series 1.8m, single wheel retracting, fixed front, pivot rear, HP 30-60
  • Junior series 1.5m, single wheel retracting, fixed front, pivot rear, HP 20-40

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