Leica Zeno

Logiciel avec trois fonctionnalités distinctes


The Leica Zeno Connect app supports all communications between the GNSS receiver and your data collection app, including the configuration of differential correction sources. Leica Zeno Connect is designed to enable integration and communication between Leica data sensors and the custom mapping applications you already use. It works on the Leica CS25 tablet as well as on your Android or IOS mobile devices.


Leica Zeno Field is an application that allows the recording of raw GNSS data, the easy configuration of the GNSS logbook and an import/export suitable for the simplified data processing between the field and the office. Combined with the Leica Zeno Office desktop software, it makes it easy to update data collected through an import/export covering different formats: ArcGIS, Shapefile, DXF, DGN and DWG


Leica Zeno Office on ArcGIS™ provides tools for managing and calculating GNSS positions in a familiar environment. It is a software suite that updates, manages and calculates GIS or topographical data.



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Available options

  • 788866 GSW998, Leica Zeno Connect on CS25 to connect Leica Zeno SmartAntennas and NMEA diffusion
  • 795772 Leica Zeno Connect for Zeno 5 & Zeno 20
  • 788865 GSW997, Leica Zeno Connect on Zeno 10/15 to connect Leica Zeno SmartAntennas and NMEA diffusion