6012285 - Leica Rugby CLI

Upgradable Rotary Laser 20RPS with invisible laser

The Leica Rugby CLI is the first upgradable rotary laser level with a very robust design that can be adapted to all construction site applications. So you can use the CLI Basic, and add options as needed. It’s a simple to operate, one-button horizontal laser for concrete and formwork levelling, height checking and transferring, and land levelling applications. It is more secure than other lasers thanks to its invisible laser beam, the CLI can also be programmed to work with 20rps head speed making it effective for heavy machinery guidance.


  • Remote range : Diameter 600m
  • Operating Range (Combo, RE 140/160) : Diameter 1350m
  • Grade : 8%
  • Precision : ±1.5mm @ 30m
  • Self-Levelling Range : ±6°
  • Protection : IP68
  • Temperature : -20°c @ +50°C
  • Power Supply : Li-Ion battery
  • Warranty : 5 years / Knockdown: 2 years


Unavailable for online purchase. Contact us!

Available options

  • 6012301 Leica Rugby CLI-CLX 900, upgradable rotary laser with automatic double grade, 20RPS, invisible