Leica iCON iXE2

3D Solution for 2D excavator guidance system with sensors or laser

The Leica iCON excavate iXE2 is an easy-to-use, multifunctional 2D system designed to facilitate excavation work and increase productivity. The system allows you to work on various slopes and heights in all directions without having to reset the machine or rotate the laser: you need only capture the required depth and slopes and begin the excavation work.

The iCON excavate iXE2 shows the real position of the bucket in relation to the project’s height and slopes. Moreover, it offers integrated rotating support giving the operator access to precise guidance information on the project’s slope and incline. In tandem with a rotating sensor, iCON excavate increases productivity, optimizes its use, and fully profits from the best guidance solution for construction machines. Available with the standard CP32 screen, the system can also come with the MCP80 screen, scalable to 3D, and is interchangeable on all heavy machinery.

Leica CP31/CP32 – 2D systems control screen/computer

Leica iCON MCP80 – Control screen/computer for all guidance systems


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