Leica iCON iGD4SP

Double-masted 3D bulldozer guidance system with SP14 inertial sensor

The Leica iCON iGD4SP 3D blade-mounted double-mast bulldozer guidance system is the most productive solution, ensuring maximum speed and precision on the job. In association with two GNSS antennas and the SP14 inertial sensor, this combination ensures incomparable results no matter the direction of your machine or the inclination of the blade, and this, on any surface including those with multiple variations or steep slopes. Also, with the GNSS (iCG80) analysis box inside the cab, the system is less costly in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Available on a touch screen (MCP80) transferable from any other type of equipment, with a simplified operating software and remarkable intuitiveness, this solution will facilitate operators’ apprenticeship and make your investment pay off from the very start.

The system is compatible with the Leica iCON Telematics, a simple and efficient portal, allowing for the easy transfer of data between office and on-site machines and distance control of certain fleet management functions via the site Internet iCON Telematics.

Leica SP14 – Inertial sensor for high-speed levelling

Leica iCON iCG80

Leica iCON MCP80 – Control screen/computer for all guidance systems

Leica iCON MDS20 – Magnetic shield support for guidance systems

Leica iCON ConX – The office-terrain interconnection platform


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