Leica iCON iGD CoPilot

2D bulldozer guidance solution with SP14 inertial sensor

The iGD CoPilot makes grading operations easier for operators. This easy-to-use solution allows operators to define an incline or to reference the desired incline and to automatically hold the latter without having to use lasers, masts or a GNSS. Users can, therefore, make straight, flat surfaces without lines and fewer passes.

The Leica iGD CoPilot was designed for bulldozer operators of all levels of training and experience. Operators with less experience become more productive because the system reduces the complexity of a bulldozer’s operation. Critical factors, such as the slope and the height of the blade, are automatically adjusted by the CoPilot system.

More experienced operators will not be as overwhelmed by difficult tasks. They can use the iGD CoPilot rather than resort to manual operations or, also, when a 2D and 3D machine control isn’t needed. Indeed, the solution works with the SP14 inertial sensor and its cabling. Available with the standard CP32 screen, the system can also come with the MCP80 screen, scalable to 3D, and is interchangeable on all heavy machinery.

Leica SP14 – Inertial sensor for high-speed levelling

Leica CP31/CP32 – 2D systems control screen/computer

Leica iCON MCP80 – Control screen/computer for all guidance systems

*Video credit: Leica Geosystem


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