Sharing data software

Leica TruView is a fast and easy way to share the data collected with your 3D scanner to anyone regardless of their point cloud knowledge or software installed on their desktops. Indeed, a TruView project is virtually available on your in-house server.

TruView offers intuitive navigation, snapshots and simple annotations that allow anyone to experience the scene as if it were there: no CAD or 3D skills are required.

The following are some examples of projects published in TruView:

TruView is available in three different versions:

TruView Local

As its name suggests, TruView Local is the easiest way to publish a TruView project because it requires no network infrastructure or internet access. The project will be published and saved directly on your workstation. You can view it from your computer or transfer the entire project so that other users can view it from their workstations.

TruView Enterprise

Leica TruView Enterprise is a vault to install on your server and on which TruView projects will be published and backed up. Thereafter you will only have to manage the access to these projects and share them to whomever you want. Security, accessibility and the guarantee of sharing the latest version of your project with all your users are some of the advantages of using the TruView Enterprise solution.

TruView Cloud

TruView Cloud is the fastest, easiest and safest way to share your TruView projects as you publish directly to Leica’s cloud. This gives you separate and unlimited portals that can be assigned to different communities of users. The information available on TruView Cloud is easily accessible, regardless of the platform from which you have access.


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