Leica PowerBlade

Automated 2D grading system for construction and agricultural tractors

The Leica Geosystems PowerBlade is a complete solution steered by the MCP700 control box. The very sturdy MPM700 electric mast, a variety of hydraulic options, and a high-performance MLS720 laser receiver complete the system. All components of this solution, recognized for years for its simplicity and reliability, have been designed to meet the extra strain experienced by dozers and agricultural tractors. The PowerBlade system is designed for advanced agricultural land levelling. The system can be mounted on a broad range of machineries such as scrapers, dozers, and agricultural tractors.

Leica MCP700 – Control box for 2D laser levelling systems

Leica MPM700 – Powerblade electric mast for laser levelling systems

Leica MLS720 – Laser receiver for 2D levelling systems


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