Leica iCON iCT30

Layout tool

The iCON iCT30 construction layout tool is an easy-to-use solution to bring digital and automated layout technology to any construction site.

The iCON iCT30 construction layout tool combined with the construction-tailored Leica iCON build field software increases productivity by minimizing labour time and mistakes, and on the other hand, increasing accuracy and speed.

*Video credit: Leica Geosystem


  • Accuracy (Hz/V) : 9"
  • Range without prism : 1.5m to >80m
  • Accuracy/Measurement time : single prism: 1 mm/2.4 sec, single any surface: 2 mm/3 sec
  • Protection : IP55
  • Working temperature range : -20°C @ 50°C
  • Power management : Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery


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