Leica iCON iCB70

Manual Construction Total Station, 1’’, 2’’ and 5’’ angular accuracy, prism and reflectorless measurements with integrated 4G modem

Besides offering the same features as the iCB50 total station, including the use of the internal iCON Build software with ‘build plus’ on-board software, the Leica iCON iCB70 manual construction total station allows you to layout more points per day on your construction project either with a prism or with reflectorless measurements. The iCB70 features an integrated 4G modem to allow mobile data transfer directly between instrument and office. This ensures that the field crew works with the latest design data and as-built data gets sent immediately to the office for further processing.


* Video credit: Leica Geosystems


  • Angular accuracy : 1" /2" /5"
  • Reflectorless range : 500m (EDM R500)
  • Higher prism accuracy : 1mm + 1.5ppm
  • Higher accuracy without prism : 2mm + 2ppm
  • Built-in flash memory : 2GB Flash
  • Connection : Bluetooth, WLAN, Modem 4G
  • Protection rating : IP66
  • Operating temperature : -20°C @ +50°C
  • Power supply : Li-Ion Battery


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