Leica FlexLine TS03

Manual total station 2’’ / 3’’ / 5’’ including the FlexField software

Leica FlexLine TS03 is a classic manual total station for standard measurement tasks. Easy-to-use, it allows you to carry out your daily tasks without worries. The FlexLine TS03 is equipped with Leica FlexField software, an intuitive, easy-to-use and familiar software, which allows you to measure more points per day thanks to faster measurement and implementation procedures, speeding up your learning curve onsite.

FlexField software ensures simple and fast operation of the total station when you need it. With its pinpoint distance measurement system, you will be able to measure to both prisms and any surfaces.

Even after years of use in difficult conditions (mud, dust, wind, extreme heat and cold), the Leica FlexLine still operates with the same high degree of accuracy and reliability.

*Video credit: Leica Geosystem


  • Angular measurement : 2"/3"/5"
  • Range without prism : 500m (EDM R500)
  • Accuracy single prism : 1mm + 1.5 ppm
  • Intern memory : 2GB Flash
  • Interfaces : Bluetooth, WLAN
  • Protection : IP66
  • Temperature range : -20°C @ +50°C, arctic version: -35°C @ +50°C
  • Power : Li-Ion battery
  • Warranty : 1 year


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Available options

  • 868867 Leica FlexLine TS03 2" (0.6mgon) R500, total station with reflectorless R500 EDM
  • 868868 Leica FlexLine TS03 3" (1.0mgon) R500, total station with reflectorless R500 EDM
  • 868869 Leica FlexLine TS03 5" (1.5mgon) R500, total station with reflectorless R500 EDM