808183 - Leica DISTO™ S910

3D Rangefinder with WiFi and AutoCAD plug-in

2040 $

The Leica DISTOTM S910 is the first laser distance measurer that captures multiple, accurate measurements in three dimensions from a single location with the SmartBase technology. It is equipped with a more powerful laser, a 360° tilt sensor and Bluetooth® Smart 4.0.

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  • Range (ISO-certified) : Up to 300m
  • Precision : ±1mm
  • Protection class : IP54
  • Operating temperature range : -10°C @ +50°C
  • Battery type : 1x Li-Ion Battery
  • Warranty : 2+1 years



Available options

  • Leica DISTO™ Plan App : Create a sketch on your smartphone or tablet
  • DISTO Transfer WLAN : Leica DISTO™ transfer WIFI connects your DISTO S910 to a Windows PC or tablet and enables you to use 3D measurements in your software.
  • Leica DISTO™ Transfer Software for Bluetooth® 2.1 or 4.0 : Send values to any software on your computer
  • Leica DISTO™ Sketch App: Directly transfer measuring data right into a sketch or photo via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

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