798647 - Leica DIGICAT 650i xf *Discontinued*

Multi frenquency underground cable locator with memory and Bluetooth®

*Discontinued, accessories still available* Robust, extremely easy to use, the Leica DIGICAT 650i features fully integrated data logging capabilities with Bluetooth®. The Leica DIGICAT 650i xf can trace cables and pipes up to 3m deep and record their locations. To achieve improved accuracy and application scope, use the DIGICAT cable locator in conjunction with a Digitex 100t or 300t signal transmitter (Up to 12m). With additional low detection frequencies, it is ideal to trace underground services over long distances.



  • Depth : Up to 3m power mode / 2m radio mode
  • Depth Detection : 0.3m @ 3m / <12m with sonde
  • Memory : 32MB
  • Protection class : IP54
  • Battery type : 6x Alkaline batteries AA
  • Warranty : 1 year


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