Leica Cyclone

Software to perform the alignment of the surveys


The module used to perform the alignment of the various surveys carried out on-site. Cyclone REGISTER is an extremely powerful module that allows you to easily manage hundreds of surveys without showing any slowdown.

Cleaning your point cloud, georeferencing, alignment verification, here are just a few of the functions of this very versatile module.


Cyclone BASIC is a data exchange module that supports the import and export of most of the formats accepted by the industry.


Mostly used for survey projects, the Cyclone Survey module allows the analysis of your point cloud and the production of deliverables.


Cyclone MODEL offers a complete modelling tool palette from a cloud of points. It also allows the creation of connectors, tanks or even structural part modelling directly associated with a catalogue of parts of your choice.

Cyclone MODEL also includes all the functions of the Survey module.

TruView Publisher

Leica Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER allows you to produce TruView documents that can later be viewed in an Internet browser. This module allows you to share your projects easily.

JetStream Publisher

Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER allows you to publish projects to your JetStream Enterprise vault. That way you’ll be able to share all your point cloud projects easily and securely.

JetStream is a secure vault where your projects are stored and from which authorized users can access to view a point cloud. JetStream does not require a copy of data on the user’s desktop and provides access to the most up-to-date database since you control the content of the vault.

The data published in “JetStream” format includes all the information of your points cloud (points and photos) while being compressed without suffering any loss of quality.

Publisher Pro

The Publisher Pro module allows both TruView projects and JetStream projects to be published. It also allows the production of .lgs files (a single compressed file containing all the information in your points cloud without losing quality) and direct file production .rcp.

Cyclone Register360

Leica Cyclone REGISTER360 is the latest version of the most powerful point cloud assembly software, Cyclone REGISTER. This product offers all-new features, ranging from a simple guided workflow to automated assembly of your point cloud and one-click ready deliverables.

REGISTER 360 enables users at all levels to work smarter, get more accurate results, visualize in detail and collaborate more efficiently, putting users at the center of their projects.

Whether deployed as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated end-to-end digital reality solution, Cyclone REGISTER 360 is the quickest and easiest option for the job to be done right the first time.


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