Topography Software


Leica Infinity is an intuitive topography software that allows the visualization or correction of topographic surveys, or the preparation of implantation data. Infinity software accompanies you throughout your project. Edit your data more easily and make the right decisions with a clear and intuitive interface for viewing your data in 3D. All of the field readings – as well as the visualization of the scan assemblies – can now be displayed on your PC and integrated with other projects. All your data and results are accessible whenever you want for more transparency in your decision-making.

Leica Infinity is designed to provide you with instant access to all raw data from your field surveys. You can combine and cross-check data with processed or archived data in just a few clicks.

TPS treatment

TPS Set-up Tools – Create or modify TPS stations for orientation and/or position updates. TPS overviews / reduced measurement tools to assist in subsequent point calculations. Tracking adjustments – developing or modifying field generated results and automatically updating connected measurements.

Levelling treatment

Management of level lines – modification of lines, the definition of start and endpoints, junction or division of lines. Level line processing – generating reports, calculating closing errors, modifying or adjusting the routing.


Calcul précis d’un volume de réserve, de surface à surface ou d’une surface vers une altitude définie.

Complete 3D surface calculation from individual points or point clouds. Surface tools to delimit and manage the surface mesh. Accurate Precise calculation of a reserve volume, surface to surface or surface to a defined altitude.


Create scans groups for the organization of point clouds and their processing. Measurement of point clouds for comparison and verification. Point cloud cleaning tools.


Organization and visualization of the images in the preview, association of images with characteristics. Create groups of images to organize and work with imaging data. Calculation of points from images generated by TPS total stations.


Network adjustments – free or restricted network calculations for all observations. Complete calculations 3D, 2D and 1D and possibility to combine 2D + 1D. Compare / Manage network cycles before saving the best possible combination of consistent coordinates.


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