SPAR 3D Exhibit & Conference and Launching of the BLK360

ABTECH was present at the SPAR 3D Expo & Conference 2017, the only inter-industry event entirely independent to present the latest developments in 3D technology. ABTECH’s presence with 200 other exhibitors was, among other things, to better equip representatives of the company with regards to 3D technology. It also aimed at deepening their knowledge of Leica Geosystems’ P series laser scanners’ functionalities through various training courses (Scansations P16, P30 and P40); as well as specificities of different 3D data processing software (Cyclone, 3D Reshaper, Cloudworx, etc.).

Noneless, ABTECH’s presence at SPAR 3D was primarily to attend the official launch of the BLK360, the imaging scanner announced at AutoDesk University in Las Vegas last November, which will revolutionize the world of image capturing and 3D data. ABTECH’s team made sure it attended every conference and training course scheduled at the event, in order to better support clients in their discovery and use of the latest Leica Geosystems innovation.

For a few years now, ABTECH has been closely following the possibilities offered by Leica Geosystems’ HDS line of products (High Definition Survey) and has gotten involved in its development. The SPAR 3D Expo & Conference was an exceptional opportunity for the company to enrich its knowledge and expertise on this product line, always with the purpose of offering the best possible service to its clients and of being a first-choice partner to organizations interested in the incredible potential of these new technologies.

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