A year with ABTECH

2022 was a year marked by a lot of development! We experienced a significant growth which opened the road to exciting new projects for the next year.

At ABTECH, unity is strength, and we are lucky to have an outstanding team!

More than ever, our values have been reflected in our daily work, with the personal touch of each employee.

Leica ConX

Leica ConX is a cloud-based collaboration platform that streamlines the management of connected construction projects and facilitates seamless data sharing among all stakeholders.

Leica ConX empowers users to visualize and validate localized reference models, survey data, and as-built information using robust analytical tools for enhanced monitoring and reporting of jobsite productivity.

Getting to the next level

RV Associates, an established construction company founded over forty years ago, invites you to follow their journey of business transformation.

By leveraging technology to improve their workflow, RV Associates has increased productivity and taken on much larger site work and utility projects without increasing their workforce.

Within a single year of implementing these advanced tools, RV Associates was able to triple their productivity and gain a strong competitive advantage.

New! Leica 3D machine control solution for Caterpillar

Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon announces 3D machine control compatibility options for Caterpillar NGH excavators.

Leica Geosystems and Caterpillar now offer simplified installation of the Leica MC1 3D machine control technology into the Caterpillar Next Gen 2D excavators.

Contractors can now enjoy a user-friendly solution that can be effortlessly installed as an aftermarket system on their existing equipment.